3 things have given decades of enrichments to my arts: living, learning and working with endless locations, situations, and people; creating in several 2 and 3-dimensional media; studying and teaching the breadths and depths of art history. Nonetheless, equal experience has come from just creating happily from within myself... or what is creating, anyway?”

As a professional artist working at my home studio amid woods, pond and wildlife in Burlington, NC, my creative work has been included in national, competitive, and invitational exhibitions, and in galleries and collections.

A Professor Emeritus of Fine Art and Art History from Edinboro University in PA., my prior teaching positions were at the University of Kansas, Murray State University in Kentucky, and Kent State University in Ohio, variously in printmaking, drawing, design, painting, graphic design, illustration, and all eras and locations of art history.

• M.A. in printmaking from Stanford U
• M.F.A in painting from Kent State U
• Teaching Assistantships at both.
• B.F.A. in Art, B.A./Psychology, B.S./Educ
• Graduate sculpture at U. of California at Berkeley
• Post-graduate lithography at U. of New Mexico
• Graphic design and Illustration at Cambridge University in England, in Florence, Italy, and at Kent State.

My works may be seen at the Sea Gypsy Gallery in Emerald Isle, NC. Also, my additional websites are on: fineartamerica.com, and absolutearts.com.

Purrpledog Studio

Thank you for visiting my works, and me, and welcome! I'm Richard Knox and this is my 50th year as a professional artist. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my works!